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01 - 28 February 2021

Leaning into that warm New Year energy, in February we become a space for artists and audiences to take risks and try something new. 

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Summer at Q theatre

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The Griegol

Thursday 4 March, 7:30pm
Friday 5 March, 6pm
Saturday 6 March, 2pm
Saturday 6 March, 6pm
Sunday 7 March, 2pm

Price: $19 - $49 (services fees apply)

Trick of the Light Theatre’s new show is an eerie, elegant tale without words about death, love, grief and monsters.

The Griegol - Auckland Arts Festival 2021 Q Theatre Banner


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Sing To Me

Wednesday 10 March, 7:30pm
Thursday 11 March, 7:30pm
Friday 12 March, 7:30pm
Saturday 13 March, 2pm
Saturday 13 March, 7:30pm

Price: $32 - $49 (services fees apply)

Inspired by the Pania of the Reef legend, this intoxicating modern romance interweaves comedy with song and characters you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Sing to Me - Auckland Arts Festival 2021 (Q Theatre Banner Image)


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The Artist

Wednesday 17 March, 6:30pm
Thursday 18 March, 6:30pm
Friday 19 March, 6:30pm
Saturday 20 March, 2:00pm
Saturday 20 March, 7pm

Price: $19 - $49 (services fees apply)

International circus sensation Thomas Monckton is back with his latest and greatest solo show, a physical theatre comedy masterpiece about a nutty painter with an almighty creative block.

The Artist - Auckland Arts Festival 2021 Q Theatre Banner Image


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Meremere is a powerful and engaging autobiographical work in response to Rodney Bell’s extraordinary life, and the series of events that have been incredibly unique for one individual to experience in a lifetime.

Dates: Saturday 10 April, 7 PM

Price: $25 - $43 (Service fees may apply)

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Meremere Q Theatre square


Guy Williams: New Zealand Today Live/Obvious Cash Grab!


Friday 30 July, 7.30pm
Saturday 31 July, 730pm


$30 - $60 (services fees apply)

Volunteer Journalist Guy Williams is cashing in on the moderate popularity of New Zealand Today with an exciting new show: New Zealand Today Live! Featuring Karen!

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