Blackbird Ensemble : The Night Sky
Tempo Dance Festival 2014
Mataqali Drift - VOU Dance Fiji


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The Blackbird Ensemble are back. A 22 piece glowing Electric Orchestra perform music inspired by the wonders of The Night Sky, including Bowie, Portishead, Module, Sufjan Stevens and Nick Cave.

Oct 2 to Oct 4 2014

Wear your finest space-suits and bring your martian friends for an out-of-this-world experience hosted by the Blackbird Ensemble.

Oct 3 2014

Add some magic to your pre-show evenings at Q - fresh from performing in Las Vegas, Jarred Fell takes up residence is Q's Lounge to bring you close-up magic right before your eyes!

Oct 3 to Oct 23 2014

The annual festival that celebrates dance in all its forms and styles. Tempo Dance Festival 2014 is the 11th festival under the Tempo banner and Q Theatre is thrilled to have the festival back this year.

Oct 7 to Oct 19 2014

KIRI is a compelling and beautifully crafted duet between a dancer and a clay artist bringing to life the creation of Hine-ahu-one, in an extraordinary performance, with spell-binding video and a hypnotic sound score from Paddy Free.

Oct 7 2014

In 1951 Henrietta Lacks walked into the coloured section of a Baltimore Hospital and had a tissue sample taken without consent. The sample became the most vital tool in modern medicine. This is her story.

Oct 21 to Oct 25 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar is an immortal of musical theatre. Audiences around the globe have thrilled to its unforgettable soundtrack with songs such as "Everything's Alright", "I Don't Know How to Love Him" and the iconic signature tune.

Oct 30 to Nov 30 2014

One performer builds a city, and a fantastical world, out of discarded items in the back of a trolley. Take a tour and discover Moko's haunts, secret places, the known bridges or quiet benches. Wake up and smell the baked beans.

Nov 5 to Nov 15 2014

NZTrio's Loft Series 2014 concludes with a brilliant mix of thrillingly new and wonderfully familiar compositions by local and international virtuosos, including the NZ premiere of American John Zorne’s “Amour fou”.

Nov 2 2014

  • The 2014 Smokefreerockquest came to the boil at Auckland’s Q Theatre on Saturday night and it was the dub-roots four piece HeadChef, from Wellington, who took out first place.

  • Barfoot & Thompson has been a proud supporter of Q since 2012 and in April this year, Auckland’s leading real estate company generously came on board as a key sponsor of Loft. A partnership with Q opens up exciting opportunities to...

  • Not long after I was born in 1953, two amazing things happened, Wales beat the All Blacks and Everest was climbed for the first time. The former hasn't happened since but the latter has happened many times. Writer Gareth Davies talks EVEREST UNTOLD.

  • Arts Regional Trust Te Taumata Toi-a-iwi, an innovative investor in Auckland’s arts and creative sectors, has announced today that it is making a significant investment in Q Theatre through its development programme 'Q Presents'.

  • Tassel Me This is hauntingly poignant. Subtly complex movement and evocative music combine with powerful imagery to create a dance theatre piece that evokes our pursuit of that special something...

    Emily Napolitano
  • By simply adopting the format of a formal guest lecture (to the Otago University Mountaineering Club), writer Gareth Davies treats his audience to an hour of insight, as the relatively little...

    Kate Ward-Smythe
  • In a great touch, the first light seen in this real-time apres-funeral dramedy is the flickering blue of a television. Semi-comatose, Violet watches the Kardashian sisters fight. 

    Janet McAllister
    New Zealand Herald
  • Royals of Kihikihi is a wonderfully vicious Kiwi production that is filled with surprises, great one liners and lots of laughs. It holds the mirror up to families in small town NZ,...

    Johnny Givins

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