Directors, musicians, warrior princesses, drag queens and all kinds of legends of the stage and screen shared with us their love of Q.

While we can't offer you a seat in Rangatira to see comedians Guy Williams, Kura Forrester, James Roque, Melanie Bracewell or Justine Smith, we can offer you this clip of them speaking about what Q means to them.

A short message from our mates Blaise Clotworthy, Michael Hurst, Mia Blake, Leki Jackson-Bourke, Alice Canton and Warren Maxwell on why Q is so special to them.

A Message from Tempo Dance Festival, Red Leap Theatre, NZ International Comedy Festival,  Auckland Pride Festival, The Dust Palace and Auckland Arts Festival

Leki Jackson-Bourke
Leki Jackson-Bourke | CNZ TAUTAI Pacific Internship 2018 | Freelance Artist

"Q was, and still is, essential to my growth not only as an artist but as a person. Every day the Q staff go into war and the army fights to keep our stories, our independent artists, and our companies alive! I've witnessed this first-hand by attending morning meetings and check-ins and I've seen the amazing staff repeatedly go above and beyond the rainbow to make sure artists, companies and audiences get the best experience possible. Q is the castle that unites the arts kingdom and it does it with swag, grace, spotlights and barista coffee!"

Chris Parker
Chris Parker | Performer

"I’ve always loved Q Theatre. It was one of those theatres that was on my dream list to perform in. When I first moved to Auckland I worked at Q as an usher. My first ever show in Auckland was at Q in the Vault. Since then I’ve moved up to larger and larger rooms from the Loft to Rangatira. In a way it feels like a home... One that I have grown up through and all the staff there have supported that journey just like family."

Nisha Madhan
Nisha Madhan | Performance and Live Artist

"Walk into Q any day of the week and you will find at least 40% of Auckland's independent artists in there either working or playing. I think Q has probably subsidised at least a third of my independent arts practice through various ways. From free wifi to discounts on coffee to Matchbox commissions for shows that I thought might never be possible, Q has always had generosity towards artists at its heart."