Date: Friday 30 July, 7.30pm
Saturday 31 July, 730pm

Price: $30 - $60 (services fees apply)

New Zealand Today is back! To celebrate a second season of New Zealand’s most trustworthy news programme, volunteer Journalist Guy Williams is hitting the road for professional as live shows in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland! 

The show will feature, Stand-Up, behind the scenes footage, and most importantly… Karen from Stokes Valley! 

Infamous for her “20 F****ing Whacks” voice message. Guy spent 3 years tracking Karen down only to discover that she was one of his all time favourite people! He’s excited to give the rest of the country a chance to meet a genuine Kiwi legend face to face with a live “Ask Me Anything!”

Exciting highlights of New Zealand Today Live: 
    -    Watch Guy Williams attempt to preform stand up comedy! WOW! 
    -    Experience never before seen footage! COOL! Find out why they didn’t make the show!

    -    Karen! HOLY F****! 
    -    A live “Ask Me Anything” with Karen and Guy! HOW COULD THAT GO WRONG? 
    -    A chance to meet Karen and Guy and get photo that looks sexy af on instagram. AMAZING!
    -    Other special New Zealand Today guests… Hopefully! If they’ll text us back! WHAT A SHOW!


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Please note this show will contain course language and adult themes.
People under 16 should be attending with a parent or guardian.